Hash One

Hash One is the first theme to come out of the Obox Signature Series. This theme is aimed at those who want their personal blog to stand out well above the rest with a unique design which has a subtle, stylish impact on your visitors.

Sticking with the Obox Design style we have implemented all the elements which we have mentioned in our blog and video show. This includes the ‘Gina Effect’, The Ten Pixel Method, and correct margins & padding.

All Obox themes come packed with the OCMX-Live content management system. All customers who purchase themes from Obox Design get full access to our support forums.


Press is a minimalist blog theme which can serve many different purposes. The nature of its design means the scope for modifications are endless and the boundaries for content are only determined by you.

The ‘gallery’ for this theme is different to any of the other sites we have created. Its layout allows you to use it as a gallery, a portfolio or even a product listing page. The home page is customizable as each row is its own widget. This allows you to move the content around and declare different categories for each of the rows.

Colors included are ‘Red’, ‘Maroon’, ‘Apple Green’, ‘Black & White’, ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Dark Purple’ and ‘Cream & Purple’.

All Obox themes come packed with the OCMX-Live content management system.

Smoke & Mirrors

With a minimalist design focused on white space, typography and solid colors, this theme is aimed at those of you who want your content to ooze style and sophistication.

Because this theme is focused on blogging we have tried to give you a bit more power when it comes to the layout of your posts. It is therefore possible to position your posts feature image in one of three different locations (above, to the left or to the right of the copy).

Other features include our new Like and Unlike post voting system, bread crumb navigation and Author Post details. The usual OCMX-Live features that we pack with all our themes are also included.


  • Widgetised Home Page
  • Ajax Comments
  • Comment Subscription
  • Fullwidth Page Template
  • Lightbox Images
  • Threaded Comments
  • Timthumb Image Resizing
  • Hide Extra Features

Through the Lens

The Through the Lens theme can be used as a normal blog, a photography site, a work portfolio, a CSS / Flash gallery and much more (depending on your creativity). Special features include a voting system for each post and jQuery sliders for each category displayed on the home page. This theme also comes with a separate blog template as well as a full width page template.

Feature List:

  • Widgetized home page with huge depth in layout customization – standard widgetized homepage or normal blog layout.
  • 7 Colour Scheme Options
  • OCMX-Live Backend Theme Options Panel
  • jQuery sliders for each category displayed on the home page
  • Custom page templates: blog template, full width page
  • Featured Post Slider
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Ajax Threaded Comments and comment subscription
  • Post voting system
  • Drop down navigation menu
  • Menu Control – organize your menu structure
  • Custom logo input
  • Advertisement management
  • Easily create galleries


Platform is a theme for people who pack a huge amount of content on their site. The main inspiration for the design of Platform came from sites such as cnn.com, portfolio.com and newyorker.com.

We have also made as much space as possible for your adverts and made sure, when we designed that the theme, that adverts were part of the design and not just an add on.

Also included is a cool tabbed sidebar widget and a breaking news style for any news which is hot off the press.

The OCMX Gallery is also part of this theme package, not only that but you can also now leave comments in your gallery.

Platform also comes with 6 different color schemes to choose from.

All Obox themes come packed with the OCMX-Live content management system.